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What do our partners say?

We are delighted that leading figures from the Czech food industry have supreme faith in our company. Read on to find out what chefs, operators, renowned architects, successful developers and multinational companies wanted to say about our fruitful cooperation.

Just as professional cooking requires a mastery of culinary techniques, professional kitchen design requires a project developed according to your concept. And this, in my opinion, is best handled by VGT. Gastro pros love designing kitchens with Honza Viewegh, and, thanks to our cooperation with VGT, we now know why.

Jiří Roith
Kulinářské Umění (Culinary Art)

If quality and a thoughtful approach are more important to you than cost, and you don't think you can do it all yourself, or you don't want to put your business in the hands of contractors, then you've come to the right place. Honza Viewegh and his GASTRO TEAM are a pleasure to work with. Honza always tells you the truth, even when he knows it's going to get him a slap on the wrist! He understands what is important and how to get things done. He thinks about projects, he draws them, but he is also open to suggestions. He knows a lot about technology and construction. He can get angry, and he can praise things. Yeah, I'd totally go in with him on other projects as well as for a couple of beers. Actually, more than a couple ... :-)

Luboš Kastner
Hospodská s.r.o., operator of the Červený Jelen restaurant in Prague and many other restaurants in Pilsen

I appreciate Honza's honesty and his ability to anticipate how situations in kitchens can occur. Honza and his team set up the kitchen according to our needs so that everything was perfectly functional from the beginning. There was no need to redo anything once we were up and running.

David Böhm
El Camino Restaurant, Owner, Chef

“A level of documentation that we rarely encounter—detailed, comprehensible and clearly prepared—VGT has our admiration”

A32 ATELIER - Ing. Arch Ivan Kolář
Ing. Hron’s reaction following the Building Implementation Documentation for PALOMA Restaurant, Průhonice

"Jan Viewegh provided us with a completely unique professional approach to order handling in our conditions. His way of thinking goes beyond his chosen field—he even helped to improve the overall architectural concept on several occasions"

Ing. arch. Miloš Machač

“We used to use contractors for drawing our projects, but it never worked out ... if you want a professional kitchen, do it with VGT!”

Pavel Roubíček
Chef, GROSSETO Restaurant, Praha

“At last, a proper kitchen in Moravia!”

Přemek Forejt
Entrée Restaurant, Olomouc, Chef

“Even if you think there's no option left, Mr. Viewegh will think of one for you :) We enjoyed superb cooperation with the Viewegh Gastro Team in our project”

Petr Samsonek
Chef, Vavrečkova Vila Restaurant, Zlín

"... In the kitchen, we say, ‘He who is prepared is never surprised,’ and Radek Jeřela and the VGT team always prepare our kitchen perfectly..."

Filip Sajler
Joint Owner, Perfect Canteen and Perfect Catering

"I've worked with Honza Viewegh on several kitchen projects. His constructive approach and ability to have a discussion where the designer, chef and investor can agree on a kitchen that is functional, high quality and reasonably priced were important to me.”

Jiří Štift
SIA Restaurant, Chef

“It's better to work with a more expensive professional than with a big-mouthed jerk … that's why I work with Honza”

Láďa Douša

„An overgrown ego is the most poisonous ingredient in the kitchen. I'm glad that even Honza understands this ....""

Zdeněk Pohlreich
Chef, Restaurant Owner, Entrepreneur, TV Show Presenter

„Honza can solve all problems and draw any kitchen—no matter what it costs! But kitchens are made by chefs—and maybe we can learn how to draw!“

Jan Punčochář
Chef, Grand Cru Restaurant, Praha

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