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We DESIGN PROFESSIONAL catering operations


Viewegh Gastro Team

VIEWEGH GASTRO TEAM is the leading company specialising in catering design in the Czech Republic.

We deliver tailor-made projects to install state-of-the-art food processing technologies for the catering industry.

Our main activity is preparing project documentation for restaurants, hotels, canteens and other catering operations. We provide complete project solutions by designing the entire layout—from the supply entrance to the restaurant's sales area. Not only do we design kitchens, bars and dining rooms, but we also install industry-leading technological equipment while solving any logistic and operational problems. At VIEWEGH GASTRO TEAM, we develop new concepts, come up with innovative solutions and offer a comprehensive consultancy service.


What Do Our Partners Say?

Read our clients’ opinions and discover what you can look forward to when working with us.

„An overgrown ego is the most poisonous ingredient in the kitchen. I'm glad that even Honza understands this ....""

Zdeněk Pohlreich
Chef, Restaurant Owner, Entrepreneur, TV Show Presenter

„Honza can solve all problems and draw any kitchen—no matter what it costs! But kitchens are made by chefs—and maybe we can learn how to draw!“

Jan Punčochář
Chef, Grand Cru Restaurant, Praha


Authorisation number 0009285

Jan (Honza) graduated from the Prague School of Catering and has been working in the food industry since 1991. He worked for Grandi and Gama Holding, first as a salesman, then later as a key account manager. From 2003 to 2004, Honza worked for InterGast—which was fatal for him—he met his wife, made many friends and discovered top-quality food processing technology. In 2005, Honza bought the catering company INPRO PLUS and transformed it into VIEWEGH GASTRO TEAM—the first company specialising in professional catering design in the Czech Republic. At VGT, he specialises in HORECA projects and new concepts. Honza is the only team member who cannot draw by hand or on a PC, yet somehow he became the first one of us to become an authorised designer. Honza listens to hard rock and occasionally himself. Forever trying to quit smoking, Honza likes to ski, adores great food and drink (he has put on a bit of weight recently), things that work well, and, most importantly, good friends. Honza has four children who, unlike him, have common sense and do not work in catering or design. As he is not a great leader, Honza had to employ a people person (Radek) to manage the team and ensure the company runs smoothly. Honza's humour is hard and never gets rusty—just like stainless steel!


Authorisation number  0011182

Radek graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Prague and has worked in food technology design since 1992. He worked for Kronen and Gama Holding as an independent designer and head of the project department. After a year of freelance work, Radek joined VGT in 2007 and became a partner in 2011. Radek specialises in large-capacity canteens, schools and in-company catering projects. However, his biggest specialisation lies in his patience. In Czech, we say that 'patience brings roses'—be patient and you will be rewarded. With this in mind, Radek took on significant roles as the designer for GLOBUS and PERFECT CANTEEN projects. In the office, he lost his PC and his CAD (he was really slow at it...) but did acquire the biggest set of drawing pencils and a professional sharpener—both of which he guards with his life (warning to visitors—don't touch!). Radek likes skiing, hard rock music—he plays the drums himself—and sometimes smokes cigars when drunk. You can also witness Radek gracing the courts while playing regional volleyball. He is a model husband and father of three grown children. His sense of humour is clean, stylish and blends in everywhere—just like stainless steel.